Upcoming Events




28. April 2019                  
Ixpo, Bratislava, "AI as a Threat to Humanity"

18. June 2019                  
Hamburger Business Club, Hamburg, "AI - Threat or Blessing"

30. June 2019                  
Data Protection Congress, Erfurt, "Privacy vs. Safety"

11. July 2019                    
Guest Lecturer, Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH

14. July 2019                    
Invitation to Wright-Patterson AFB, Drone Research Lab, Dayton, OH

perhaps August 2019              
Promo-Trip for the Chinese edition of my book

12. September 2019       
Digital Week, Kiel, Gala Keynote

25. October 2019            
CMS Career Days, Berlin, "AI in Human Ressources"

3. December 2019          
Bundeswehr-Congress: "Journalism: Trauma in the War Zone"


Photo: Anna Rauchenberger