The Speaker

Jay Tuck is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose lively talks are accompanied by exclusive video and photographs. His TED-Talk reached over 1/2 million views on the internet. Tuck speaks to private banks and financial institutions (World Bank, Chambers of Commerce, Patrizia), to gala events (Deloitte, ServicePlan), Media and Medical Congresses (WAZ, Universitätsklinikum Essen), Innovation and Research Symposia (Vodafone, Goethe University), as well as security and law enforcement conferences (Sicherheitsgespräche 2017).


Professional Experience

Consultant (1985 - today)                                                                Europe / USA

Jay Tuck consults for international companies on media politics, as well as strategies for business in the Middle East.


Airtime Dubai Ltd (2004 - present)                                                 Dubai, UAE


ARD German Television Network (1971 - 2004)                           Hamburg, Germany

Author (1985 - 1987)                                                                      Europe / USA


Voice Talent / Announcer (1969 - present)                                    Europe / USA


IT Consulting (1989 - 1995)                                                           Germany


Pre-Europe Work Experience (1968 - 1969)                                 New York



Antioch University, BA (1963 - 1969)                                            Yellow Springs, Ohio


Leisure Activities

Recreation                                                                                         Omsk, Russia